Terms And Conditions

1. Introductory Provisions:

These are the Business Terms and Conditions which will regulate the transactions, the purchases and the contractual relations between the Seller the Purchaser and any other intermediate party involved in the selling of goods and services made via the e-Shop functioning on the website https://www.nikiforoueggs.com. The e-Shop is operated by the company AVGA GIANNOS NIKIFOROU GEORGIOU LTD H.E177099

For the definitions of the basic terms used in the following text please see our Privacy Policy page.

2. Purchase Agreement

  1. The purchase agreement is in force from the moment the Seller confirms to the Buyer that his order form has been successfully placed through the purchase basket of the e-Shop.
  2. The confirmation of the acceptance of the Buyer’s order must be expressed via a confirmation email sent to the email given by the Buyer during the order submission or customer registration.
  3. Τhe Seller only accepts delivery orders for locations into the boundaries of Nicosia District.
  4. The delivery of the goods ordered shall take place on the next working day between 10:00 – 13:00.
  5. In case the Buyer is not found at the delivery address the products will be delivered on the next working day and in case that the delivery does not take place then the order is immediately terminated and there will be no refund of the amount paid towards the purchase of the goods.
  6. The goods and / or services ordered according to the purchase agreement can only be modified or cancelled prior to the shipping to the Buyer provided that a confirmation of the changes made has been sent to the Buyer’s given email.
  7. Before the submission of the order by the Buyer, the Seller has the right to alter any of the information entered in the order form.
  8. After the submission of the order, the Buyer can change without the consent of the Seller any mistakes concerning the private data given for the delivery of the goods or services ordered before the shipping of the goods.
  9. All the goods offered for sale by the e-Shop are for sale as long as the order is accepted, and this is confirmed by the Seller to the Buyer.
  10. All the goods offered for sale as shown in the e-Shop are for advertising purposes and are always accompanied by a product description and the product characteristics.   
  11. By the time the Buyer submits the order, the Buyer is legally bound by these terms and conditions.
  12. Before the submission of the order the Buyer has to expressly accept the terms and conditions of the e-Shop by ticking the relevant checkbox in order to submit an order form to the Seller.
  13. Before the submission of the order form the Buyer also has to expressly consent and accept the use of his / hers personal data according to the privacy policy of the e-Shop as mentioned below. 

3. Policy for Defective Goods and / or Bad Quality Products

  1. The Seller has a general duty to deliver the purchased goods to the Buyer without any defects or wear and tear and is liable to the Buyer for any defective goods delivered to him.
  2. Particularly defective goods are goods determined as follows:
    1. The characteristics of the goods purchased do not match the ones advertised in the e-Shop or the description of the goods in the e-Shop do not match with the purchased products.
    2. The goods purchased are not provided in the quantity, size, weight they have been ordered for by the Buyer.
    3. The quality of the purchased goods is below the standard and / or regular quality of such goods in the market. (ie the eggs have been delivered broken or expired or cannot be consumed)

In case the Seller prior to the purchase of the products, informs the Buyer that the goods the Buyer intents to buy have specific problems that may influence the products’ quality, the Buyer has no right to request any remedy or repair regarding the specified defects.

  1. In case goods or services purchased by the Buyer are proved to be defective as per para.(2) (a) (b) (c) above the Buyer has the following choices:
    1. Request for replacement of the purchased goods in reasonable time without any further expenses to be borne by the Buyer.
    2. The Buyer is entitled to a discount voucher of the same value as the purchase price which expires in one year from its receival or
    3. The Buyer is entitled to completely withdraw from the purchase agreement and request the refund of the full purchase price of the defective product or if the amount is not paid in full, the amount paid at the moment of withdrawal from the purchase agreement due to the defective quality.
  2. The Seller provides the Buyer with:
    1. The right to complaint in regards to the quality of the purchased goods as per the terms of article 3(2) above provided that the Buyer has submitted the complaint within 2 days from the delivery of the goods and provided that the Buyer can prove the bad quality or the low quality of the goods.
    2. The Buyer shall be entitled to submit a claim in regards to low or bad quality products the Buyer is obliged to complete and submit the complaint form which can be found in the E-SHOP website and the complaint must be accompanied with evidence supporting the allegations of the Buyer.
    3. The complaint is deemed as dully submitted after the confirmation of receival by the Seller is sent to the email of the Buyer.

4. Complaint Review Procedure

  1. In case a complaint is submitted via the complaint form either for defective products or services or for any other reason the complaint will be reviewed and assessed by the Seller who must provide a written response to the complaint as to his views and suggestions on the issue not later than 15 days from the date of the receipt of the goods and / or the evidence at the Seller’s service address which is the following 9 Kyriakou Tsatsou, 2568, Mathiatis, Cyprus
  2. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties in case the Buyer’s complaint concerns defective goods or performance, the Buyer shall send the goods that are subject to the complaint or the relevant evidence for his allegations to the service address.
  3. As soon as the Seller receives the goods and / or the evidence a confirmation email will be sent to the Buyer’s given email address acknowledging receipt of the said goods.
  4. As soon as the Seller receives the Goods and / or the evidence subject to the complaint, the condition of the goods will be assessed, and in case the goods are considered to be defective, one of the following options will be applied according to the Seller’s exclusive discretion:
    1. The Seller will replace them and send the substitute back to the delivery address of the Buyer within reasonable time with no extra costs.
    2. If none of option a cannot be applied the Buyer is entitled to a purchase voucher equal to the purchase price of the defective goods
    3. As soon as the complaint is processed by the Seller an email will be sent to the Buyer’s given email address containing information about the results of the review and his decision as to the actions that can be performed.
    4. In case the Buyer is not satisfied by the opinion and / or suggestions of the Seller, he is entitled to proceed with further legal measures or out of court measures (Use consumer claims arbitration mechanisms) to seek a solution to his complaint.

5. Order Cancellation by the Seller

  1. The Seller has the right to cancel or refuse to accept an order due to the following reasons:
    1. The Product ordered is out of stock after the submission of the order by the Buyer.
    2. The Goods are no longer produced or delivered.
    3. The Buyer has not paid the purchase price for the goods as specified in the Order.
    4. The Goods ordered cannot be delivered due to unforeseeable circumstances. (ie Pandemic, warfare, natural disasters)
  2. In case the Seller will proceed with the cancellation of an order or a refusal to accept it, according to the provisions of term 5(1), a relevant notice will be sent to the Buyer’s given email after the submission of the order.
  3. In case the order is no accepted or cancelled by the Seller under term 5(1) of the present terms and conditions the Seller shall refund any amount paid at the time to the Buyer in the way it has been paid. (ie. In case of a Credit / Debit Card Payment the amount will be refunded to the bank account from which the amount has been paid)

6. Policy for Return of Goods

The Seller does not accept the return of any goods delivered unless they are subject to article 3 of the present terms and conditions.

7. Purchase Price and Ownership Policy

  1. The purchase price of a product includes V.A.T and is always exhibited on the Seller’s website.
  2. Before the Buyer submits the order form all the charges that are going to be charged for the performance of the transaction are exhibited on the order form in a list.
  3. The price cannot be altered after the submission of the Buyer’s order form.
  4. All the shipment costs are specified in the order form and shall be borne by the Buyer.
  5. In case the prices are increased / decreased after an item is selected by the buyer and placed in the Order Form before it is finally submitted, the price will increase automatically, and a relevant notice will be shown on the Order Form.
  6. The ownership rights of the goods ordered, are transferred from the Seller to the Buyer only after the full payment of the purchase price is received by the Seller and upon the delivery of the goods to the Buyer.

9. Payment Policy

  1. The buyer is obliged to pay the price of all the goods ordered simultaneously with the purchase agreement enforcement, or in cash upon the delivery unless otherwise agreed with the Seller.
  2. The payment method selection will take place directly after the submission of the order form. The payment form will appear, and the Buyer must fill in the form with the necessary payment details and submit it to perform the transaction.
  3. After the submission of the order form, the payment form appears and the Buyer chooses a payment method and an email confirming the purchase agreement will be sent to the Buyer’s given email along with a receipt of payment if the option for card payment is selected.
  4. In case another payment plan is agreed, the agreement is only applicable provided that a written confirmation of it, is send via email to the Buyer by the Seller.
  5. If the payment is completed electronically via card payment a receipt of payment will be sent to the given email of the Buyer otherwise if the payment will be performed upon the delivery of the goods, the receipt will be given upon the delivery of the goods to the Buyer.

10. Payment Methods

The following payment methods may be applied to any transaction carried out through the e-Shop provided that it is agreed with the Seller:

  1. Cash on Delivery