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Producing the highest-quality eggs for households and businesses in Cyprus

Beginning in 2002 at the age of 22, with the experience the owner acquired from the American Farm School, he started out in a rented unit with 1000 hectares, producing 800 eggs per day for the surrounding villages. Over time and with the high quality of the produced egg, our demand grew significantly. In 2006 we moved to privately-owned facilities and founded the company Αυγά Γιάννος Νικηφόρου Γεωργίου Λτδ under the trade name NIKIFOROU EGGS.

The conditions were not easy for us as we had to compete against large and traditional producers, but with the help of the European Union, the support of our consumers and passion due to the owner’s young age we succeeded.

We thank all the consumers who supported us and keep supporting us, we promise that we will not alter in any way the quality of our eggs.
Today, we are the top egg producers in Cyprus and we are trusted by more than 15,000 households every day.

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